The summer, that special time between June and September that we have all for ourselves to decide what to do with. I spend three weeks of my summer in lovely Norway, spend the time making new memories to cherish. Like the day we spend at Namskogan wildlife park, first time I met a bear in person! (and a troll to) and elk turned out to be even bigger from close by as I had expected!

With all the new and exciting developments it will be a longer while before I’ll be visiting this beautiful country again,  I’m glad I got to spent my summer there =)

perfect song for post summer reminiscing =)

– Pirate


5 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Love these pictures. (But those rabbitlegs look sooo big, it scares me a bit, haha that’s probably just me) I’m glad you enjoyed your summer 🙂 Seems like a nice vacation.

  2. Aren’t you in Norway now? Have you got my letter in time (it’s Bárbara, from Brazil…).

    I love your pictures, the moose and the bear are beautiful indeed!

    • I’m still in Norway, and yes, I did get your letter! I’ve just been superswamped with work and everything, so I haven’t really had time to sit down with it yet. And I’m sorry I forgot to e-mail you about it, but it arrived on the 24th of July! 😀

      • Don’t worry, I’m happy that it arrived safely! I sent it on June 26, so it took about one month to reach you. Please, if you have some time, let me know when you send the reply!

        P.S.: Have you seen that I also have a blog now? It’s linked here. 🙂

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