Instagram show off #1

I det siste har jeg blitt ganske flink til å bruke Instagram, og nå er jeg halveis til dit at jeg er helt hekta altså. Her er en del av mine bilder der. Hvis noen vil legge meg til heter jeg twistedriver.




1 – Cute logo on a cookie cardboard box 2 – Made bird Twinchies 3 – Incoming mail from a swap on swap bot. Came from a lovely lady in Germany 4 – Playing Lego Harry Potter year 1 to 4 on my PS3 5 – Cute deers in Namsskogan Wildlife Park 6 – Flower heart just outside the door on the porch 7 – Outgoing letter to Kim in The Netherlands 8 – Bouquet from Bas

Been quite hooked on Instagram lately. If you want to find me there, my username is twistedriver.

– Birdie



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